Dr. Samudrala's Advice to Patients

Low back pain can often be attributed to complex origins and symptoms, and it does not discriminate. It can originate from identified muscle trauma, or an unknown non-traumatic event. Low back pain can also begin in other regions of the body and eventually attack the muscles or other structures in the lower back. Sometimes low back pain can even begin in the nerves or nervous system. Other origins for low back pain are postneural difficulties, congenital disorders, trauma, infections, degenerative disorders, inflammatory diseases, circulatory disorders or any of other 30 additional causes. Click here to learn more about back pain.

Spine Surgery & Conditions

Correcting spinal conditions and educating patients about spine injuries and disorders, are just a few of Dr. Samudrala's specialties. He provides special expertise in minimally invasive spine procedures that enable patients to get back to normal daily activities.

“I would rate Dr. Samudrala as one of the top spine surgeons in the US and can’t express the degree of impact he’s had in our lives.” – Jeb B.,OR Nurse
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“Life is beautiful. I have already referred Dr. Samudrala to several people I care about, and I would tell other patients that he’s as knowledgeable as anybody could be, that he’s experienced in these procedures, and that he is a considerate, sensitive physician.” – Victor L., MD, Emergency Medicine
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“The pain has disappeared. I found Dr. Samudrala to be a very responsive, involved and caring physician. I have referred others to Dr. Samudrala and told them I had very good results.” – Gene S., Owner & Director – Public Relations, Marketing & Branding Agency
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Resources and Specialists

Dr. Samudrala works closely with specialists in pain management, rheumatology, family medicine, internal medicine, occupational medicine, orthopaedics, and sports medicine. Check our 'Partners in Patient Care' link for a listing of some of the medical professionals Dr. Samudrala teams up with to provide high quality patient care.

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